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Does humanity have a future beyond Earth?

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    Rik Maningo

    “I think it’s a dangerous delusion to envisage mass emigration from Earth. There’s nowhere else in the solar system that’s as comfortable as even the top of Everest or the South Pole. We must address the world’s problems here. Nevertheless, I’d guess that by the next century, there will be groups of privately funded adventurers living on Mars and thereafter perhaps elsewhere in the solar system. We should surely wish these pioneer settlers good luck in using all the cyborg techniques and biotech to adapt to alien environments. Within a few centuries, they will have become a new species: the posthuman era will have begun. Travel beyond the solar system is an enterprise for posthumans—organic or inorganic.”


    Sudeep Acharya

    Humanity certainly has future beyond Earth. Fascination with aliens never died. And recently there is a big rush for space programs by private companies like SpaceX, Amazon and number of other companies. Almost all countries have plans for MARS including UAE.

    Our curiousity with Universe will always make us go beyond earth. I think we definitely have future beyond earth.

    Space X

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